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Convert loads from Excel into dataTree format


Element ID'sElement ID'sElement ID'sInteger
Entry Element IDEntry Element IDEntry Element IDInteger
Entry LoadcaseEntry LoadcaseLoadcaseText
Start: NStart: NNormal force [kN]Number
Start: VzStart: VzShear force z-direction[kN]Number
Start: VyStart: VyShear force y-direction[kN]Number
Start: MtStart: MtTorsional force[kNm]Number
Start: MyStart: MyMoment force y-direction[kN]Number
Start: MzStart: MzMoment force z-direction[kN]Number
End: NEnd: NNormal force [kN]Number
End: VzEnd: VzShear force z-direction[kN]Number
End: VyEnd: VyShear force y-direction[kN]Number
End: MtEnd: MtTorsional force[kNm]Number
End: MyEnd: MyMoment force y-direction[kN]Number
End: MzEnd: MzMoment force z-direction[kN]Number
Element NameElement NameElement NameText
Element LengthElement LengthLength of element in metersNumber
Entry Element NameEntry Element NameEntry Element NameText
Entry LengthEntry LengthLength of element entry in metersNumber
Entry: NEntry: NNormal force [kN]Number
Entry: VzEntry: VzShear force z-direction[kN]Number
Entry: VyEntry: VyShear force y-direction[kN]Number
Entry: MtEntry: MtTorsional force[kNm]Number
Entry: MyEntry: MyMoment force y-direction[kN]Number
Entry: MzEntry: MzMoment force z-direction[kN]Number


#Loadcases found#Loadcases foundNumber of loadcases foundInteger
NNNormal force [kN]Number
VzVzShear force z-direction[kN]Number
VyVyShear force y-direction[kN]Number
MtMtTorsional force[kNm]Number
MyMyMoment force y-direction[kN]Number
MzMzMoment force z-direction[kN]Number
LoadcaseNamesLoadcaseNamesNames of loadcasesText

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