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Exporting selected joint to IDEA Statica Connection


Template FileTemplate File LocationFile location of template to be used. For example: 'C:\Data\template.contemp'Text
Output FilepathOutput FilepathSave location of IDEA Statica Connection output file. For example: 'C:\Data'Text
HierarchyHierarchyList of hierarchy on with joints are madeText
PointsPointsPoints of connectionsPoint
LinesLinesLines of geometryLine
LCS rotationLCS rotation [Deg]Local Coordinate System rotation of element in degrees. Rotation runs from local y to local z-axisNumber
GroupnamesGroupnamesGroupname of elementText
MaterialMaterialSteel grade of every elementText
Cross-sectionCroSecNameName of cross-sectionText
ShapeShapeShape of of memberText
HeightheightHeigth of crosssection [mm]Number
WidthwidthWidth of crosssection [mm]Number
ThicknessFlanget_fthickness of flange crosssection [mm]Number
ThicknessWebt_wthickness of web crosssection [mm]Number
Radiusradiusradius of crosssection [mm]Number
NNNormal force [kN]Number
VzVzShear force z-direction[kN]Number
VyVyShear force y-direction[kN]Number
MtMtTorsional force[kNm]Number
MyMyMoment force y-direction[kN]Number
MzMzMoment force z-direction[kN]Number
ChooseJointChooseJointSpecify the joint that will be calculated in IDEA. Note: starts at zero.Integer
RunIDEARunIDEABool for running IDEA Statica ConnectionBoolean


#Joints found#Joints foundNumber of Joints foundInteger
Selected JointSelected JointLines of selected JointLine
Joint typesJoint typesTypes of joint in projectLine

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