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Export Wasp information for DisCo VR software.
DisCo (Discrete Choreography) is developed by Jan Philipp Drude at dMA Hannover - Prof. Mirco Becker.
Project DisCo is available at:
--> WIP Component: might be incomplete or contain bugs <--
Provided by Wasp 0.2


PARTPARTParts to be aggregated in DisCoGoo
RULESRULESAggregation rulesGoo
RULE_GRULE_GScript variable Wasp2DisCoGoo
COLLCOLLOPTIONAL // Part collider. If not provided, part geometry will be used.Goo
PROBPROBOPTIONAL // Probability distribution for each partGoo
ADD_GEOADD_GEOOPTIONAL // Additional geometry to import in DisCo (e.g., environment geometry)Goo
PATHPATHPath where to save the DisCo .json fileGoo
NAMENAMEExport file nameGoo
SAVESAVETrue to exportGoo



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