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ADDON. Version 0.1.0. Released on 2022-Jan-30. Provides 22 components. Created by Ofkurt. Features 0 video tutorials.
ArqiShap3D is a set of modelling and drafting tools for architecture workflows and is developed for Grasshopper. It includes components for modelling walls, stairs and railings and many flexible tools that allow the user to model different objects (such as windows and doors) on the XY plane and then orient them to position. The built-in "material system" also allows the user to bake objects to different layers and assign different named Rhino materials to each object easily, to make it easier to export the geometries inside Grasshopper to different rendering applications. Plan and section components are intended to make it easier to produce final drawings from the Grasshopper model.
Architectural Elements
Drawing Tools
Modelling Tools
Object Tools

Modelling Tools

Divide Curve Segments (|Divide|)
Divide curve segments individually.
Divide Curve Options (|DivideOpt|)
Options for curve division by segments.
Material Profile Construct (MProfile)
Construct new Material Profile
Material Profile Deconstruct (|MProfile|)
Get the material data and the brep inside a Material Profile.
Material Section Construct (|MSection|)
Construct a material section object comprised of multiple material profiles and has plane data
Material Section Deconstruct (|MSection|)
Get the material data and the brep inside a Material Section.
Profile Extrude Both Sides (|Extrude|)
Extrude a profile to both sides.
Profile Orient-Sweep (|Sweep|)
Orient and sweep a material section object or profiles along rail curves

Object Tools

Material Brep Construct (|MBrep|)
Assign material names to Breps
Material Brep Deconstruct (|MBrep|)
Get the material data and the brep inside a Material Brep.
Material Object Construct (|MObject|)
New Material Object from Material Breps
Material Object Deconstruct (|MObject|)
Get elements of a Material Object
Object Difference (|Diff|)
Remove the negative breps of material objects from some material breps
Orient to Plane (|Orient|)
Orient material objects from their original plane to a X'Z plane

Architectural Elements

Construct Railings (|Railing|)
Construct railings from path curve and
Construct Staircase (|Stairs|)
Construct Staircase from side curve and design data.
Staircase Design Data (|StaircaseData|)
Data necessary for staircase design
Construct Walls (|Wall|)
Walls from WallData.
Wall Data from Dimensions (WallData)
Construct wall data from section dimensions and base curves
Wall Data from Wall Section (WallData)
Construct wall data with a section and base curves

Drawing Tools

Section Drawing (|Section|)
Produce section drawings of multiple Breps
Plan Drawing (|Plan|)
Get horizontal cutting lines of multiple breps.

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