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ADDON. Version 3.3. Released on 2018-Nov-03. Provides 17 components. Created by Behrooz Tahanzadeh. Features 0 video tutorials.
These components of Bengesht can handle (send/receive) communication with a server over WebSocket protocol. Using these modules, Grasshopper can be plugged into a ROS based network of parallel processes (Nodes). RosBridge is a ROS package which serves as a WebSocket server on the ROS side. To make the communication between web applications and Grasshopper possible, I developed HTTP server components. HTTP is a bidirectional protocol for serving web contents. Parameters can be passed from web application for Grasshopper script, and the outcome can be sent back. The curves related components of Bengesht are initially created to simplify the process of modeling Muqarnas. Later, the Divide On Intersects components was used by our structural engineers during ITECH research pavilion to prepare models for structural analysis.


Align Curve Start/End (AlignCrvS/E)
Align curve on a line based on its start/end points.
Assemble Curves (AsmblCrvS/E)
Assemble curves based on their start/end points.
Classify Curves (ClCrvS/E)
Classify curves based on their start/end points.
Curve To Line Start/End (Crv2LnS/E)
Convert curves to lines, based on their start/end points.
Divide Curves on Intersects (DivCCX)
Divide curves on all of their intersects.
Flip curve toward a point (Flip2Pt)
Flip a curve toward a point.
Star Lines (StarLn)
Create an simple star and give its lines.


WiiIn (Wii>>)
Read data from wii controller
WiiOut (Wii<<)
Send data to wii controller
Wii Start (Wii*)
Connect to available wii controllers...


Websocket Client Receiver (WS>>)
Read data from websocket
Websocket Client Sender (WS<<)
Send data to websocket server
Websocket Client Start (WS*)
Start a new connection to a Websocket server.


Http Input (HttpIn)
Start create an http server, listening to an address.
Http Output (HttpOut)
Send response to client using and close connection.


Expire Dam (<>)
Expire down stream object only if the gate is open


Solar Calculations (SolarCals)
All of the calculations to get sun properties at specific location, in a specific time.

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