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ADDON. Version 0.3.0. Released on 2019-Oct-09. Provides 5 components. Created by Arend van Waart. Features 0 video tutorials.
Clipper is a 2D polygon Clipper offering polygon boolean operations (clipping): Intersection, Join, Difference, XOR. Offsets for polygons and Minkowski Sum and Differences.


Polyline Boolean (PolyBoolean)
Boolean operation between 2 sets of curves using Clipper
Polyline Containment (PolyContain)
Tests if a point is inside a Polyline using Clipper
Minkowski Sum (MinkowskiSum)
Calculate the minkowski sum of two polygons using Clipper
Minkowski Difference (MinkowskiDiff)
Calculate the minkowski difference of two Polylines using Clipper
Polyline Offset (PolyOffset)
Offset a polyline curve using Clipper

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