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ADDON. Version 1. Released on 2015-Jul-22. Provides 6 components. Created by David Stasiuk. Features 2 video tutorials.
Cocoon is a fairly straightforward implementation of the Marching Cubes algorithm for turning iso-surfaces into polygonal meshes. It is geared specifically toward wrapping existing geometric elements, and works with combinations of points, breps and curves, allowing users to vary a number of parameters that enhance sculptural potentials. It is still rough (and there are definitely a number of other approaches to level sets and isosurfacing that are faster, more robust, more elegant, and/or have more potential) but due to time constraints related to other work I am doing – now and into the near future – I thought it effective and fun enough that it was worth it to make this available to the community. As such, though, general caveats apply: it’s probably easy to break, and it will definitely generate some artifacts. But please download and have a play, and feedback on the grasshopper forum is welcome. There’s a longer description after the break.


Brep Charge
Metaball charge from Brep
Wrap geometry with marching cubes
Curve Charge
Metaball charge from curve
Curve Group Charge (Group Charge)
Metaball charge for group of curves
Point Charge
Metaball point charge
Refine the output from cocoon

Video Tutorials

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