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Color Plus

ADDON. Version 1.5.0. Released on 2023-Feb-01. Provides 11 components. Created by David Mans. Features 0 video tutorials.
Color Plus is a simple plugin that adds a small set of components that make the creation and previewing of color palettes and conversion to Hex and web-friendly color formats easy.


Average Colors (AvgClr)
Find the average color when a list of values is summed and divided by the total count.
Color Palettes (Palette)
Get a list of colors from premade palettes from Windows, common web standards, and industry color sets.
Color Sets (ClrSets)
Generate a color palette from a varity of color theory based groupings including Complimentary, Triad, Tetradic, and many more.
Construct Gradient (ConstGrad)
Parametrically construct a gradient.
Colour Ole (Ole)
Get a color from its Ole integer
Invert Color (Invert)
Invert a color
Colour Name (Named Clr)
Select a Color from existing palettes by name or index
To Hex (ToHex)
Gets the Hex value of a color
To Ole (ToOle)
Gets the Ole integer of a color
Tween Colors (TweenClr)
Get a tweened color between a two colors


Preview Colors (PrevClr)
Previews a list of Colors as swatches

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