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Grasshopper Params

SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Version 1.0.0007. Released on 2022-Mar-08. Provides 48 components. Created by David Rutten. Features 0 video tutorials.


Represents a multiple colour gradient
Read File (File)
Read the contents of a file
Boolean Toggle (Toggle)
Boolean (true/false) toggle
Button object with two values
Colour Picker (Colour)
Provides a colour picker object
Colour Swatch (Swatch)
Colour (palette) swatch
Colour Wheel (Wheel)
Creates a palette of related colours
Control Knob (Knob)
A radial dial knob for settings numbers
Digit Scroller
Numeric scroller for single numbers
Graph Mapper (Graph)
Represents a numeric mapping function
Image Sampler (Image)
Provides image (bitmap) sampling routines.
MD Slider
A multidimensional slider
Number Slider
Numeric slider for single values
A panel for custom notes and text values
Value List (List)
Provides a list of preset values to choose from
Import Coordinates (Coords)
Import point coordinates from generic text files.
Import SHP (SHP)
Import data from GIS *.shp files.
Import PDB (PDB)
Import data from Protein Data Bank *.pdb files.
Atom Data (Atom)
Get detailed information for an atom
Object Details (ObjDet)
Retrieve some details about referenced Rhino objects.
Import 3DM (3DM)
Import geometry into a RhinoDoc
Import Image (IMG)
Import image data from bmp, jpg or png files.
Represents a 24 hour clock
Represents a calendar


Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Data Dam (Dam)
Delay data on its way through the document
Data Recorder (Rec)
Records data over time
Cherry Picker (Item)
Pick a single item from a data tree
Param Viewer (Viewer)
A viewer for data structures.
A wire relay object
Suire-style simplification of data trees.
Context Bake
Geometry for baking at the end of the GrasshopperPlayer command.
Context Print
Textual data to print at the end of the GrasshopperPlayer command.
Fitness Landscape (LScape)
Display a 2.5D fitness landscape
Gene Pool (Genes)
Contains a collection of genes (i.e. variables)
Data Output (Output)
Write a bunch of data to a file.
Data Input (Input)
Read a bunch of data from a file.
Variant (Var)
An expression variant
Expression (Exp)
A textual expression


Contains a collection of vector fields
Group (Grp)
Contains a collection of geometric groups
Geometry Pipeline (Pipeline)
Defines a geometry pipeline from Rhino to Grasshopper
Geometry Cache
Bake or Load geometry to and from the Rhino document
Contains a collection of atoms
Mesh Point (MPoint)
Contains a collection of mesh points


A predicate defines the criteria and determines whether a specified object meets those criteria
A data receiver object.
Constant (constant)
Define a document-wide constant for use in Expressions

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