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Grasshopper Vector

SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Version Released on 12-Dec-2023. Provides 79 components. Created by David Rutten. Features 0 video tutorials.


Point Cloud Attributes (Point Cloud)
Point Cloud Attributes
Point Cloud Closest Point (Point Cloud CP)
Find the closest point in a point cloud
Reduce Point Cloud (Reduce)
Reduce the number of points in a point cloud
Project Point (Project)
Project a point onto a collection of shapes
Construct Point (Pt)
Construct a point from {xyz} coordinates.
Deconstruct (pDecon)
Deconstruct a point into its component parts.
Point Polar (Pt)
Create a point from polar {phi,theta,offset} coordinates.
To Polar (Polar)
Convert a 3D point to plane polar coordinates.
Point Oriented (Pt)
Create a point from plane {u,v,w} coordinates.
Point Cylindrical (Pt)
Create a point from cylindrical {angle,radius,elevation} coordinates.
Barycentric (BCentric)
Create a point from barycentric {u,v,w} coordinates
Distance (Dist)
Compute Euclidean distance between two point coordinates.
Closest Point (CP)
Find closest point in a point collection.
Closest Points (CPs)
Find closest points in a point collection.
Pull Point (Pull)
Pull a point to a variety of geometry.
Sort Points (Sort Pt)
Sort points by Euclidean coordinates (first x, then y, then z)
Sort Along Curve (AlongCrv)
Sort points along a curve
Points to Numbers (Pt2Num)
Convert a list of points to a list of numbers
Numbers to Points (Num2Pt)
Convert a list of numbers to a list of points
Point Groups (PGroups)
Create groups from nearby points
Cull Duplicates (CullPt)
Cull points that are coincident within tolerance


XY Plane (XY)
World XY plane.
XZ Plane (XZ)
World XZ plane.
YZ Plane (YZ)
World YZ plane.
Deconstruct Plane (DePlane)
Deconstruct a plane into its component parts.
Construct Plane (Pl)
Construct a plane from an origin point and {x}, {y} axes.
Plane Origin (Pl Origin)
Change the origin point of a plane
Plane Offset (Pl Offset)
Offset a plane.
Plane Normal (Pl)
Create a plane perpendicular to a vector.
Plane 3Pt (Pl 3Pt)
Create a plane through three points.
Plane Fit (PlFit)
Fit a plane through a set of points.
Line + Pt (LnPt)
Create a plane from a line and a point.
Line + Line (LnLn)
Create a plane from two line segments.
Plane Closest Point (CP)
Find the closest point on a plane.
Align Planes (Align)
Align planes by minimizing their serial rotation.
Align Plane (Align)
Perform minimal rotation to align a plane with a guide vector
Rotate Plane (PRot)
Perform plane rotation around plane z-axis
Adjust Plane (PAdjust)
Adjust a plane to match a new normal direction
Flip Plane (PFlip)
Flip or swap the axes of a plane
Plane Coordinates (PlCoord)
Get the coordinates of a point in a plane axis system.


Solar Incidence (Solar)
Gets the solar incidence vector for a certain time and place
Vector XYZ (Vec)
Create a vector from {xyz} components.
Deconstruct Vector (DeVec)
Deconstruct a vector into its component parts.
Vector Length (VLen)
Compute the length (amplitude) of a vector.
Vector 2Pt (Vec2Pt)
Create a vector between two points.
Unit Vector (Unit)
Unitize vector.
Reverse (Rev)
Reverse a vector (multiply by -1).
Multiply (VMul)
Perform vector-scalar multiplication.
Divide (VDiv)
Perform vector-scalar division.
Amplitude (Amp)
Set the amplitude (length) of a vector.
Addition (VAdd)
Perform vector-vector addition.
Rotate (VRot)
Rotate a vector around an axis.
Cross Product (XProd)
Compute vector cross product.
Dot Product (DProd)
Compute vector dot product.
Compute the angle between two vectors.
Unit X (X)
Unit vector parallel to the world {x} axis.
Unit Y (Y)
Unit vector parallel to the world {y} axis.
Unit Z (Z)
Unit vector parallel to the world {z} axis.


Break Field (BreakF)
Break a field into individual elements
Merge Fields (MergeF)
Merge a collection of fields into one
Point Charge (PCharge)
Create a field due to a point charge
Line Charge (LCharge)
Create a field due to a line charge
Vector Force (FVector)
Create a field due to a vector force
Spin Force (FSpin)
Create a field due to a spin force
Evaluate Field (EvF)
Evaluate a field at a point
Field Line (FLine)
Compute the field line through a certain point
Scalar Display (FScalar)
Display the scalar values of a field section
Direction Display (FDir)
Display the force directions of a field section
Perpendicular Display (FPerp)
Display the perpendicularity of a field through a section
Tensor Display (FTensor)
Display the tensor vectors of a field section


Square (SqGrid)
2D grid with square cells
Rectangular (RecGrid)
2D grid with rectangular cells
Hexagonal (HexGrid)
2D grid with hexagonal cells
Triangular (TriGrid)
2D grid with triangular cells
Radial (RadGrid)
2D radial grid
Populate 2D (Pop2D)
Populate a 2-Dimensional region with points
Populate 3D (Pop3D)
Populate a 3-Dimensional region with points
Populate Geometry (PopGeo)
Populate generic geometry with points


Blend Colours (BlendCol)
Interpolate (blend) between two colours.

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