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Instance Manager

ADDON. Version Released on 2019-Oct-26. Provides 14 components. Created by Amin Bahrami. Features 0 video tutorials.
Instance Manager is a part of Heteroptera Plugin that is specified to manage Block-Definition and instances in Rhino from Grasshopper. It is an ongoing project orienting to the development of collaborative design. Instance-Manager is a set of tools to Create, manage, and get statistics from files containing blocks. Instead of focusing on Instace_Refrence and Block_Objects, this plugin is focused on just Instance_Definition.
Instance Manager

Instance Manager

Paint Attribute (Paint)
Change the attribute of a Referenced Geometries in rhino. (Apply an attribute partly on an object)
Explode Attribute (AttExplode)
Deconstruct an Obj.Attribute
File BlockStatistics (FileStatistics)
Get the Instance statistics from a .3dm file
Block Decompose (InstanceDecompose)
Decompose instance to its components
Blocks List (BlockList)
List of the instance_definitions in current document
Build Attribute (AttBuild)
Construct an Obj.Attribute
Define Block (DefBlock)
Define or modify an instance definition
X-Ref Block (XRef)
External Block from other .3dm files
File Info (FileInfo)
Decompose a file info
Get User-Dictionary (UserDict)
Gets the user dictionary from an attribute
Retrieve the list of containing files in a folder
Insert Block (BlockInsert)
Insert an Instance object
Insert Block by Box (BlockBox)
Fit and place an instance object into a reference box
Insert Block by Transform (BlockTransform)
Insert blocks by transform data

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