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ADDON. Version 0.7.6. Released on 2015-Nov-15. Provides 16 components. Created by Aidan Kurtz. Features 1 video tutorials.
This is the beta release of Intralattice, a plug-in for Grasshopper used to generate solid lattice structures within a design space. It was developed as an extensible, open-source alternative to current commercial solutions, such as Within. As an ongoing project developed at McGill’s Additive Design & Manufacturing Laboratory (ADML), it has been a valuable research tool, serving as a platform for breakthroughs in multiscale design and optimization.


Basic Box (BasicBox)
Generates a lattice box.
Basic Cylinder (BasicCylinder)
Generates a conformal lattice cylinder.
Conform Surface-Axis (ConformSA)
Generates a conforming lattice between a surface and an axis.
Conform Surface-Point (ConformSP)
Generates a conforming lattice between a surface and a point.
Conform Surface-Surface (ConformSS)
Generates a conforming lattice between two surfaces.
Uniform DS (UniformDS)
Generates a uniform lattice within by a design space


Adjust UV (AdjustUV)
Adjusts the UV-map of a surface for proper alignment with other surfaces/axes.
Clean Network (CleanNetwork)
Removes duplicate curves from a network, within specified tolerance.
Mesh Preview (MeshPreview)
Generates a preview of the mesh.
Mesh Report (MeshReport)
Verifies that the mesh represents a solid, and returns a comprehensive report.
Preset Gradient (PresetGradient)
Generates gradient string (i.e. a spatial math expression)


Heterogen Custom (HeterogenCustom)
Heterogeneous solidification of lattice wireframe
Heterogen Gradient (HeterogenGradient)
Heterogeneous solidification (thickness gradient) of lattice wireframe
Homogeneous solidification of lattice wireframe


Custom Cell (CustomCell)
Pre-processes a custom unit cell by check validity and outputting topology.
Preset Cell (PresetCell)
Built-in selection of unit cell topologies.

Video Tutorials

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