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ADDON. Version 2.0. Released on 2017-Jun-25. Provides 10 components. Created by [uto]. Features 0 video tutorials.
MeshEdit is a set of components which extend Grasshopper's ability to work with meshes.


Mesh Explode (Explode)
Decompose a mesh into its faces
Mesh Area (Area)
Solve mesh Area properties
Mesh Volume (Volume)
Solve mesh Volume properties
Mesh Naked Edge (NakedEdge)
Find naked edges
Mesh Convert Quads (ConvQuads)
Convert non planar quads to triangles
Mesh Triangulate (Triangulate)
Convert quads to triangles


Mesh Cull Unused Vertices (cullVertices)
Cull (remove) all vertices that are currently not used by the Face list
Mesh Flip (Flip)
Reverse the direction of the mesh
Mesh From Points (FromPoints)
Create a mesh from a grid of points.
Mesh Unify Normals (UnifyNormals)
Attempts to fix inconsistencies in the directions of meshfaces for a mesh

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