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ADDON. Version 1.2.4. Released on 2019-Nov-13. Provides 47 components. Created by Andrew Heumann. Features 0 video tutorials.
A library for manipulating Grasshopper directly
Object Retrieval


Best Practicizer (BestPracticizer)
Takes a selected group and inserts input and output params at both edges for any data that goes outside the group.
Expire Object (Expire)
Expire / recompute a component or param
Get List Data (ListData)
Gets data from the Value List, Item Selector, etc components
Get Param Data (ParamData)
Get the set of data in a given param
Get Slider Properties (SliderInfo)
Gets the properties of the slider
Highlight Objects (Hilite)
Highlight objects by adding them a new group
Instantiate Object (Create)
Attempts to create an instance of an object on the canvas
Label Groups (LblGrp)
Auto-create a scribble in the upper left corner of a group that matches the group's name
Relative Path (RelPath)
Appends the directory this definition is saved in to a file path. Auto-converts the contents of a text panel containing an absolute path
Get Runtime Messages (Msgs)
Gets errors and warnings from selected objects
Set Object Value (SetObj)
Tries to set the value of an object. What value it sets varies by type - it sets a slider's numeric value, a panel or scribble's text contents, etc
SwapParamType (SwapParam)
Switch the type of one param object to another
Unwrap List (Unwrap)
Converts a data wrapper into a list
Wrap List (Wrap)
Converts a list of data into a single object
Capture GH Canvas (CanvasCap)
Capture a hi-res image of the GH Canvas
Internalize Param Data (Internalize)
Internalize data into a param
Select GH Object (Select)
Select objects on the Grasshopper Canvas
Set Param Data (SetParamData)
Set the data in a given param
Unwrap List N Levels (UnwrapN)
Unwraps data wrappers N levels (or all the way if N=0)
Wrap List N Levels (WrapN)
Wraps and Path-shifts a list by N levels


Bake Object (Bake)
Programmatically bake the geometry of specified objects
Control Wire Display (WireDisplay)
Control the display of wires for parameters and components.
Enable/Disable Object (OnOff)
Programmatically enable/disable solving for specified objects
Hide/Show Object Preview (HideShow)
Programmatically control the preview visibility of specified objects
Move Object (Move)
Reposition an object on the GH canvas
Rename Object (Rename)
Programmatically set the nickname of specified objects
Set Group Properties (SetGroup)
Set the name, color, and style of a group.
Set Panel Properties (SetPanel)
Modify the properties of a panel object
Set Scribble Properties (SetScribble)
Set the text, size, and font of a Scribble.
Set Sketch
Modify the form of an existing sketch object.
Set Slider Properties (Set Slider)
Modify the properties of a slider object
Wire Display Toggle (WireToggle)
Switch all document wires between hidden and faint.

Object Retrieval

Get Connected Objects (Connected)
Gets all components and params connected to this component
Get Groups (Groups)
Get all groups in the document
Get Objects in Group (ObjFromGroup)
Gets all components and params in the same group as this component (or the specified group if supplied)
Get Objects of Same Library (SameLib)
Gets all components and params that are from the same library as the attached.
Get Objects of Same Type (SameType)
Gets all components and params that are of the same type as the attached.
Get Scribbles (Scribbles)
Get all Scribbles in the document
Get Selected Objects (SelObj)
Get the objects currently selected on the canvas
Get Object By Nickname (ObjByNN)
Retrieves all objects matching the specified nickname. Wildcard patterns accepted.


Batch Animator (BAnim)
Saves a screenshot of every state of the model in the batch to a folder.
Run a batch analysis across a range of variable parameters
Batch Variable from List (BVarList)
Converts a list of values such as a series or range into a variable input to the Batch Driver
BatchSlider (BSlider)
Converts a standard GH Slider into a variable input to the Batch Driver


Assembly Info
Gets information about an assembly
Document Info (DocInfo)
Get information about the GH document and its components
Object Info
Gets basic information from any DocumentObject

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