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ADDON. Version 1. Released on 2015-May-29. Provides 16 components. Created by Daniel Gonzalez Abalde. Features 1 video tutorials.
PhylloMachine can be used to model plants using some properties of phyllotaxis. The basic idea is that a mesh with phyllotaxis proportions has a topology described by two Fibonacci numbers, and its topology (indices of vertices of faces, parastichies spirals, cycles and topological neighbors) is described by simple number sequences without geometric calculation. Thanks to these, it can be modeled parametrically plant organs such as branches, leaves or petals, with very nature-like results.


Bezier Curve (BezierCurve)
Quickly creates a Bezier curve from a mesh face
Extrude a mesh face controlling their subdivisions
Explode Mesh
Decompose a mesh into its faces
i Fibonacci (iFib)
Returns a Fibonacci number from its index
Join Mesh
Join & combine several meshes
Move Face (MoveFace)
Moves and scale a face on normal vector
Move Vertex (MoveVertex)
Move a list of vertices of a mesh
Offset Mesh (OffsetMesh)
Offsets a mesh
Model a petal or a leaf from one face and a curve
Phyllo Branch (PhylloBranch)
Wrap a curve patterned on phyllotaxis and repositions the beginning on a mesh face
Phyllo Cap (PhylloCap)
Forms a PhylloMesh on a naked edge
Phyllo Machine (PhylloMachine)
Creates a mesh wrapping a curve forming the pattern of phyllotaxis
Phyllo Mesh (PhylloMesh)
Wrap a curve to create a mesh whose vertices form the pattern of phyllotaxis
Phyllo Surface (PhylloSurf)
Creates a PhylloMesh over a surface from a cylindrical mapping.
Ratio Box (RatioBox)
Search proportions visually using boxes
Rnd Range (RndRange)
Create a range of random values within a domain with interpolation option

Video Tutorials

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