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ADDON. Version 3.0. Released on 2020-01-09. Provides 122 components. Created by Ortler Mark. Features 0 video tutorials.
A QuadEdgeDataStructure is used to represent a n-gonal Mesh without making any difference between primal and dual elements. The (relativ) dual-graph is holded in a valid state during any topological operation. The implementation used in Grasshopper is embedded into the euclidean space. The solvers for the graph-analytic-tools are working with ‚GH_Variant‚ values, which are provided by evaluating a string-expression against the QuadElement of investigation. The components use a special zoom-interface. While UI-Elements are practicable to clarify an option, they are not if the value for the option should be set from the computation-tree. Therefor almost any UI-Element can be converted to a parameter.


Decompose Agent
Compose Isovist-Environment (CompIsoVistEnv)
Centrality from all-pairs-path
Compose Agent
Find Cycles (FC)
All Pair Path Get Path (APP_get)
All pairs path get
Strongly Connected (QSTR)
Compose Tensor Agent
Salesman Path (SalePath)
Max Flow (maxF)
maximal flow from source to target (Preflow-Push)
Compose Point Visibility-Environment (CompPointVisEnv)
Compose Tensor Field-Environment (CompTensorFieldEnv)
Single Source Path Trough (SSPt)
Single Source Path Set Goal (SSPsetGoal)
Set the goal of a SingleSourcePath
Compose Agent OLD
Decompose Environment
Path Agent Search (AgSe)
Algorithm to solve Path-Problems
Spanning Forest (SF)
SpanningForest for given mesh
Source Goal Path (SGP)
Source-Goal-Algorithm to solve Path-Problems
Source Path (SP)
Source-Algorithm to solve Path-Problems
Single Source Path Decompose (DeSSP)
Decompose a SingleSourcePath
First Search (FS)
FirstSearch-Algorithm to solve Connectivity-Problems
Compose Fun-Environment (CompFunEnv)
Group Agent
Un Group Agent (UnGroup Agent)
All Pair Path (APP)
All pairs path
Spanning Tree (ST)
SpanningTree for given mesh
Compose Field-Environment (CompFieldEnv)
Coloring (QCol)
assigns 'colors' to nodes according to the neighbourhood
Merge Environments (MergeEnv's)


Splice (QSplice)
Splice master slave
Flip (QFlip)
Flips the orientation of the mesh
QNode (QE)
Dependices of a QNode
Truncate (QTR)
Tessellation (QTess)
Tessellate a QMesh with triangles from nearly same edge-length
Make Edge (MakeEdge)
Get Topology Changed Result (gTCR)
Remove Edge (remove)
Remove edges
Frame faces
QEdge (QE)
Dependices of a QEdge
Remove Leafs (RemLea)
Remove all leafs
Make Edge Master (MakeEdgeMaster)
Make Poly Edge Master Slave (QMPEms)
Creates a Polyline hanging on the QEdges given as A and B.
Collapse Edge (collapse)
Collapse edges
Make Edge Master Slave (MakeEdgeMasterSlave)
Decompose Topology Changed (gTCR)
Make Poly Edge Master (QMPEm)
Creates a open Polyline hanging on QEdge given as world.
Triangulate (Trian)
Triangulate the given QMesh
Approximate (Approx)
Approximates the given QMesh
Split Node (QSplitNode)
Split master slave
Subdivide (SDiv)
Subdivides the given QMesh
QMesh Info (QMi)
infos about the mesh
Extrude (Extr)
Extrude the given QMesh
Split Edge (QSpE)
Split given Edge and insert 'n' Nodes/Edges
+ 'n' quads of Edges
+ 'n' primal Nodes
Shift Edge (shift)
shift edges
Dual Swap (QDualSwap)
Swaps the dimension of the QMesh (Dual-Mesh)


Used to create Grids
Prism (QPri)
Creates a Prism.
Super Formula (QSf)
Creates a closed Polygon using Super-Formula.
Pipe Grids (PipeGrids)
Used to create Grids on a surface
Platonic Solids (Platonic)
Used to create platonic solids
Used to create a Box
Poly Edge (QMPE)
Creates a open or closed Polyline/Polygon.
Pyramid (QPyr)
Creates a Pyramid.
Pipe (QPipe)
Creates a Pipe.
Polygon (QPg)
Creates a closed Polygon.
Di Pyramid (QDiPyr)
Creates a DiPyramid.
Torus (QTor)
Creates a Torus.
Srf Grids (SrfGrids)
Used to create Grids on a surface
Used to create a sphere


element-key-value (ekv)
primitiv data to set the dicitionary of the element
heuristik Expression (hEx)
An heuristik-expression against a node
De Compose Element (DeCompEl)
deCompose a QuadElement to primitiv data
element (elem)
either a node OR an edge, described by primitiv data
single Source Path (ssp)
A path from a single source
node Expression (nEx)
An expression against a node
Environment (env)
agent for path-algorithm
edge Expression (eEx)
An expression against an edge
Compose Element (CompEl)
Compose a QuadElement of primitiv data
QMesh (qm)
n-gonal mesh composed by QuadEdgeDataStructure
all Pairs Path (all)
matrix holding Paths to each other nodes


World-Clear (QWCl)
clear all worldness
World-Getter (QWGet)
Naked-Edges (QNkE)
Set Data (SD)
Set Data
Clear Data (CD)
Clear all Data
QNode Value (QNv)
Value of a QNode
Compose Setter (compSet)
compose a setter
QEdge Value (QEv)
Value of a QEdge
World-Setter (QWSet)


From Lines (FromLines)
converse lines to a QMesh
To Data Tree (QTDt)
Converts a QMesh-Topology to a 'Vertex-Vertex' OR 'Face-Vertex'-Connection-table
To Curves (ToCurves)
converse a QMesh to closed polylines
From Obj (FromObj)
converse a obj-string to a QMesh
To Obj (ToObj)
converse a mesh to a obj-string
From Data Tree (QFDt)
Converts a 'Vertex-Vertex' OR 'Face-Vertex'-Connection-table to a QMesh-Topology
From Curves (FromCurves)
converse closed polylines to a QMesh
To Matrix (QTM)
Converts the QMesh-Topology to a 'Matrix'


QDispatch (QD)
First Per Quad (QFPQ)
Element2Edge-List (E2EdL)
Element-List* to Edge-List
Group Nodes (GroupNodes)
QEqual (Q=)
Reindex all elements in the mesh


Smoothing (Smooth)
Smooth the mesh displacing vertices
Is Planar (IsPlanar)
Checks if a node is planar
Transform with Field (transF)
Transform a Mesh with a field
Set Location (SL)
Set Location
Get Vector Data (GVd)
Get vector-data
Node => Location/Normal
Edge => OriginLocation/Vector
Transform Element (tranEl)
Transform an element
Get Location (GL)
Get Location


QMesh Preview (QMesh)
extended preview for a QMesh
QNode Preview (QNode)
extended preview for a QNode
QEdge Preview (QEdge)
extended preview for a QEdge
Selectable Edges (SelEdge)
Selectable Nodes (SelNode)


Intersect Point Chain (IntPoiCh)
Try to intersect and insert a Point-Chain
Intersect Curve (IntCrv)
Try to intersect and insert a Curve



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