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ADDON. Version 4.2. Released on 2015-Jul-20. Provides 31 components. Created by Richard Schaffranek. Features 0 video tutorials.
SpiderWeb provides functionality for preforming calculations on graphs. The library is created with a special focuse on the integration of graphs and graph related theroies (e.g. SpaceSyntax) in parametric design envoirnments.


Data Tree To Graph (DTG)
parse a DataTree
Dual Graph (dualG)
Dual Graph
graph From Cells (gFC)
Create a Graph From a Set of Ajoining Cells
graph From Lines (gFL)
create a graph from a set of connected lines
graph From Mesh (gFM)
Create a directed Graph From a Mesh
graph From Points (gFP)
Create a Graph From a Set of Points and a Connection Distance
graph Matrix (gM)
Creates a graphMatrix from a graph
Graph To Data Tree (GDT)
convert a Graph to a DataTree
visual Graph Grid (vGG)
Create a visualGraphGrid from obstacles and a boundary area


Eulerian Path (EulerianPath)
Checks if the Given Graph Has an Eulerian Path and Eeturns All Possible Starting Points
Breadth-first Search (BFS)
Breadth-first Search
Min ST (MinST)
Mininmal Spanning Tree
Shortest Path Between Points (SPBP)
Callculates the shortest path between points
randomized Sequential Graph Coloring (rndSGC)
Randomized Sequential Graph Coloring
recursive Shadow Casting (RSC)
preformes recursive shadow casting on a visualGraph
Single Source Shortest Path (SSSP)
Solves the Single Source Shortest Path Problem


Display Graph (DG)
Display Graph
Display graph Edge (DE)
Display graphEdge
Display graph Vertex (DV)
Display graphVertex
Display visual Graph (dVG)
Display visualGraph
Graph Style (gS)
Greate New Style for Displaying a Graph


find Edges (fE)
get the index of a graphEdge within a Graph
manipulate Edges (mE)
Merge, Delete, Insert Edges
manipulate Vertices (mV)
Merge, Delete Insert Vertices
Split (S)
Split a graph at a given Distance


agglomerative Clustering (aC)
Preforms a bottom up distance clustering.
distance Clustering (dC)
Preforms a top down distance clustering.


Eigensystem (ESYS)
Computes the Eigensystem of graphMatrix
Spectral Matching (SM)
computes n-dimensional vectors for spectralGraphMatching


Image-Graph Filter (IGF)
Iamge based Filters on Graphs
Points of Interest (POI)
Points of Interest

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