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ADDON. Version 0.2. Released on 2012-Aug-01. Provides 23 components. Created by Mateusz Zwierzycki. Features 0 video tutorials.
Starling mesh tools. These components enable mesh parametrization, so it behaves like a surface - you can evaluate points at any place etc. Is it accurate ? - not at all, but give it just a minute and you'll probably fall in love. Mesh morphing, remeshing, smooth curves evaluation (see group image), 3d convex hull and last but not least - slFastMesh - which will enable you to stop thinking about meshing parameters and start playing.


pm Adjacent Faces (pmAdjacent)
Generates DataTree of faces adjacent to each face
pm Create Polylines (pmCreate)
Create polylines from pMesh data. Works same as List item + polyline when one pMesh data is provided
pm Connected Faces (pmConnFace)
Generates DataTree of faces connected to each vertice
pm Decompose (pmComp)
Create pMesh topology using polylines
pm Dual (pmDual)
Dual pMesh operation
pm Laplacian Smooth (pmLaplace)
Laplacian smoothing/Weighted laplacian smoothing (when number of input weights is equal to number of vertices)
pm Naked Vertices (pmNaked)
Outputs list of booleans and naked vertices themself (true = naked)
pm Connected Vertices (pmConnVert)
Generates DataTree of vertices connected to each vertice
pm Offset (pmOffset)
pMesh offset
pm Truncate (pmTrun)
pMesh truncation
pm Unique Edges (pmEdges)
Finds unique topology edges


sl Fast Mesh (slFastMesh)
Makes Sl compatible mesh with multiple BReps
sl Hull3D (slHull3D)
Incremental 3d convex hull
sl Source Mesh (slSourceMesh)
Create mesh with polyline
sl Star Mesh (slStarMesh)
Create mesh with polyline
sl Topo Disk (slTopoDisk)
Make mesh a topological disk (by adding faces)
sl Topo Sphere (slTopoSphere)
Make mesh a topological sphere (by adding faces)


sl Chord (slChord)
Preserve chord length disk embedding
sl Sphere (slSphere)
Topological sphere embedding
sl Tutte (slTutte)
Tutte barycentric disk embedding


sl Guide2D (slGuide2D)
Remap points onto mesh
sl Guide3D (slGuide3D)
Remap points onto mesh


sl Relax (slRelax)
Relax mesh

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