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Struc Scripts

ADDON. Version 0.7.5. Released on 2022-Mar-04. Provides 17 components. Created by Structured Parametrics. Features 0 video tutorials.
Struc Scripts are a collection of grasshopper components for automating structural design and modelling. Includes Modeller, Auto-frame, RC sketcher, Auto-wind, Frame Crafter, Resi Framer, Composite Designer, Timber Designer.


combine shedules (combine schedules)
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
rc loose bar
loose bar config
rc member layout
rc member layout
rc sketcher
Draw reinforced members quickly in 3D based on parametric inputs
rc slab-footing layout
rc slab/footing layout
rc wall layout
rc wall layout
rebar shapes (shapes)
Rebar Shape Codes


Auto Wind (auto wind)
A script to automatically determine how wind load will distribute on a building.
composite designer
A script to design composite steel beams straight from a model in real-time
resi framer
Get a structural design for your residential project
timber designer
A script to design timber floors straight from a model in real-time
timber ref (Timber Designer Reference)
Reference for Timber Designer


Generate a structural beam layout for any building shape.
frame crafter
Turns architectural models or CAD into structural analysis models
modeller 2
Create models from simple lines and section sizes
sections (sections (explode))
section sizes


Struc Script Info (info)
Info for struc scripts

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