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ADDON. Version 7.61. Released on 2020-Feb-16. Provides 19 components. Created by Rex Wang. Features 0 video tutorials.
Energy Analysis plugin for Grasshopper.
1 Parameters
2 Analysis
3 Display
4 Reference

2 Analysis

Skylight (S)
Shades of sunshine (Shades)
Real sun shaded area
Solar analysis PLane (S)
Solar analysis Points
Solar analysis points (S)
Solar analysis Points
Render Mode (S)
Rendering Current Active Viewport with Pixels
Solar Analysis MeshFace (S)
Solar analysis MeshFace

3 Display

Display Screen Text (T)
Display Screen Text
Display Legend (L)
Display Legend
Single Line Font (T)
Single Line Font
Display Points (P)
Display Points
SunTool (S)

1 Parameters

Location (L)
Set latitude and longitude
Location_Coordinate (L)
The coordinate convert to Number
DateTimes (Times)
Select a time period
DateTime (D)
Set a time period
Grid (G)

4 Reference

Object Attributes (ObjAtts)
Access the individual attributes of a RhinoObject or an ObjectAttributes type.
Dynamic Selection RhinoObjects (D)
Dynamic Selection RhinoObjects from Rhino to Grasshopper, with variable filters for layer, object type, and name.


Sunflower (S)
Open Sunflower Web Site

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