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ADDON. Version 1.0. Released on 2016-Dec-12. Provides 20 components. Created by Dave Stasiuk. Features 0 video tutorials.
As a 3D CAD software suite, Rhino+Grasshopper is, at its core, a means to create, transform and manage data. Grasshopper’s explicit visual scripting interface structures these operations through the use of DataTrees. Treesloth emerged as a series of tools applied in both professional and research practice to help better negotiate the the types of data relationships within (and between) Grasshopper definitions that enable more complex operations.


Add Unmatched
Force empty paths into unmatched data trees
Append Element
Add a new path index to the end of an existing path
Clone Structure (Clone)
Attach the structure from one tree onto a flat data set
Divide Branches
Divide branches into multiple data trees using an index pattern
Explode at Index (Explode)
Explode a tree at specified index
Filter Unmatched
Filter unmatched paths from lists
Flip Last
Flip the last variably valued branch path index with the item indices of its contents
Prepend Element
Add a new path index to the beginning of an existing path
Renumber Paths (Renumber)
Renumber the Paths of a data set
Shift Paths (Shift)
Shift paths safely...will flatten data trees with fewer elements than shifts specified
Stack Trees (Stack)
Make data structure for inputs consecutive
Isolate Unique Paths (Unique Paths)
Isolate data for paths unique to each input data set


Pack Data (Pack)
Binary data packer
Unpack Data (Unpack)
Binary data reader
Get the first and last values from a list
List Compare (Compare)
Compare each item in a list against all other items
Sort Tree (Sort)
Sorted renumbering of branches by input value
Trim Data Ends (Trim)
Trim set numbers of leading list items and paths from a data set
Unweave list into multiple lists using an index pattern


Cull Multiple
Cull (remove) elements in multiple lists using a repeating bit mask

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