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ADDON. Version 1.3.0. Released on 2020-Aug-14. Provides 59 components. Created by Woods Bagot. Features 0 video tutorials.
Wombat for GH is a series of miscellaneous utilities aimed at improving modeling processes by streamlining common tasks. It includes components for operating on geometry, lists, files and folders, and visualizing the geometric properties of surfaces and meshes. Created by Andrew Heumann and Brian Ringley while members of the Woods Bagot Design Technology team.
Files / Interop


Backup Data (PlanB)
Passes through a data list if that list contains elements; otherwise, passes a "backup"
Centered Domain (DomCen)
Center a domain about zero from an input size.
Construct Path Mask (ConMask)
Constructs a data tree path mask from a list of index characters.
Cull Ends
Separates the first and last item from a list.
Data Exists (HasData)
Tests for existence of data
Divide Domain³ (Divide 3D)
Divides a three-dimensional or 'box' domain into equal segments.
Empty Object To Empty Branch (Empty)
Returns an empty branch when no data is supplied.
List Indices (Indices)
Provides a list of indices for items in a list.
NaN Object (NaN)
Creates a NaN ('not a number') object
Null Object (Null)
Creates a null object.
Nulls In Empty Branches (Nulls in Empty)
Inserts null objects into empty branches.
Shift List Both Ways (ShiftBoth)
Shifts a list in both directions


Adjust Alpha (Alpha)
Sets the alpha channel of a color
Curve Direction Display (CrvDir)
Custom Preview to display curve direction
Display Settings (DispSettings)
Set various options for display preview
Identity Preview (RainbowID)
Displays geometry with random colors assigned so as to differentiate separate items
Normal Display (DirDisplay)
Displays the two sides of a mesh with different colors for normal checking
Random Color (RandCol)
Generates a random color for every item in a list
Path Label (PathLbl)
Displays the data tree paths of geometry
Surface UV Display (UVDisplay)
Displays the U and V axes of surface or polysurface faces
Zoom Bounding Box (ZBB)
Zoom viewport to fit specified box

Files / Interop

Copy/Move/Rename Files (CopyFile)
Allows you to copy or rename/move a file
Directory From File Path (Dir From Path)
Returns folder path instead of file path.
Export File to Path (Export)
Exports a set of geometry to a specified file format.
Element ID from FBX Import (FBX ID)
Gets the element id from a referenced element brought in from a Revit FBX Export
File or Directory Exists (Exists)
Returns True if supplied file path or directory exists.
File Name From File Path (Name From Path)
Returns file name with and without file extension from file path.
Launch URL (URL)
Launches a web page from a specified URL
Next Available Filename (NextFile)
Chooses the next unused filename in a directory following a pattern
Write to Text File (WriteTXT)
Writes a list of strings to a text file


Close Curve (Close)
Close a list of curves if they're open
Curve-Curve Closest Point (CCCP)
Finds the closest point between a pair of curves
Divide by Target Length (Divide Target)
Divides supplied curves evenly into lengths that match the supplied target lengths as closely as possible.
Midpoint (MP)
Evaluates the midpoint of a curve's length.
Join Curves With Tolerance (Join T)
Joins curves with supplied dimensional tolerance.


Brep Closest Point (Advanced) (Brep CP+)
An extended version of the Brep Closest Point component with additional information.
Brep Faces By Direction (FBD)
Gets brep faces by their normal direction compared to the Z axis
Inflate Box (Inflate)
Expand a box by a constant dimension on all sides
Sub-Box (SubBox)
Retrieves an Isoparametric subset of a box
Unroll Brep
Unrolls brep and optional associated curves and points


Canvas Color
Alters canvas appearance properties.
Decimal Foot To Foot-Inch (Decimal Ft to Ft-In)
Converts decimal foot notation to fractional foot-inch notation.
Unit Warning
Provides a warning when the Rhino document unit system doesn't match the user-specified unit system.
Document Units (Doc Units)
Returns unit system of active Rhino document.
Foot Inch To Decimal Foot (Ft-In to Decimal Ft)
Converts fractional foot-inch notation to decimal foot notation.


Extend Surface (ExtendSrf)
Extend surface from edge
Loft Ex (LoftEx)
An advanced version of the loft component including more options
Shrink Surface (Shrink)
Contract underlying untrimmed surface close to trimming boundaries
Surface Center (SrfCenter)
Returns point, normal, and frame at reparameterized surface center.
Surface Direction (SrfDirection)
Modify surface u, v, and normal directions


Convert Case (Case)
Converts text to PascalCase, camelCase, and Title Case
Replace Text (Multiple) (RepM)
Replace all occurences of any pattern in a list with the corresponding replacement string
Text Outlines (Text2Crv)
Gets the outline curves from text


Arrange in Grid (Grid)
Arrange a list of geometry in rows
Center Geometry at Origin (Recenter)
Recenters a geometry object at the origin


Boundary Mesh (BoundaryM)
Create mesh from polyline.
Extrude as Mesh (ExtrudeM)


FeatureRequest (Request)
Request a new Wombat tool

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