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Material Structural Prop

Creates Structural Material Properties


NameNnames Material.Text
f m,g,kfmgkin [N/mm2]Number
f t,0,g,kft0gkin [N/mm2]Number
f t,90,g,kft90gkin [N/mm2]Number
f c,0,g,kfc0gkin [N/mm2]Number
f c,90,g,kfc90gkin [N/mm2]Number
f v,g,kfvgkin [N/mm2]Number
f r,g,kfrgkin [N/mm2]Number
E 0,g,meanE0gmeanin [N/mm2]Number
E 0,g,05E0g05in [N/mm2]Number
E 90,g,meanE90gmeanin [N/mm2]Number
E 90,g,05E90g05in [N/mm2]Number
G g,meanGgmeanin [N/mm2]Number
G g,05Gg05in [N/mm2]Number
G r,g,meanGrgmeanin [N/mm2]Number
G r,g,05Grg05in [N/mm2]Number
Rho g,kRhogkin [kg/m3]Number
Rho g,meamRhogmeanin [kg/m3]Number

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