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ADDON. Version 2.2.2. Released on 2016-Feb-01. Provides 3 components. Created by Timothy Logan. Features 7 video tutorials.
Elk is a set of tools to generate map and topographical surfaces using open source data from and USGS. is an open/crowd sourced website of mapping data. It allows you to export XML formatted data of a selected area and then Elk will organize and construct collections of point and tag data so that you can begin creating curves and other Rhino/Grasshopper geometry. USGS is a science organization that provides access to a large range of scientific data pertaining to the earth. Elk uses data that originates from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) of 2000. This was a shuttle mission where most of the earth was scanned for elevation and packaged in 1°x1° tiles.


Location (Loc)
OpenStreetMap and Topograhy
OSM Data (OSM)
Get Point and Tag data from an OSM file.
Topography (Topo)
Generate Topography surfaces from USGS IMG Raster files or from SRTM HGT files.

Video Tutorials

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