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ADDON. Version 0.1.r50.0. Released on 2014-Nov-21. Provides 15 components. Created by Damien Alomar, Luis E. Fraguada and Giulio Piacentino. Features 1 video tutorials.
gHowl is a set of components which extend Grasshopper's ability to communicate and exchange information with other applications and physical devices.


Network Source (NetSource)
Discovers an external internet connection, and retrieve name and properties if one is available
OSC Channel (OSC_C)
Store OSC data from a single source
OSC Dispatch (OSC_D)
Store OSC data from multiple sources
UDP Receiver (>UDP<)
Allows to receive data on the network
UDP Sender ()
Allows to send data through the network to any computer


Read Pachube (Pachube)
This component reads a Pachube Feed
Pachube Update (Update Pachube)
Updates a Pachube Feed
Xml Parser (XML)
Parses an XML File
Write XML (XML)
Writes a data in a Grasshopper Tree to an XML file


Get Elevation (E)
Given WGS84 coordinates, this component will return the elevation(s)
Format Geo (DMs -> DD)
Formats WSG84 coordinates
Geo to XYZ (Geo->XYZ)
Map WSG84 Coordinates to XYZ


KML Exporter (KML Out)
Export from Rhino model to KML format
KML Style (S)
KML Object Attributes: Fill Color, Line Color, Line Width


XYZ to Geo (XYZ->Geo)
Map XYZ Coordinates to WSG84

Video Tutorials

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