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SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Version 1.0.0007. Released on 2019-Dec-15. Provides 15 components. Created by David Rutten. Features 0 video tutorials.


Clean Tree (Clean)
Removed all null and invalid items from a data tree.
Explode Tree (BANG!)
Extract all the branches from a tree
Flatten Tree (Flatten)
Flatten a data tree by removing all branching information.
Graft Tree (Graft)
Graft a data tree by adding an extra branch for every item.
Match Tree (Match)
Match one data tree with another.
Path Compare (Compare)
Compare a path to a mask pattern
Prune Tree (Prune)
Remove small branches from a Data Tree.
Replace Paths (Replace)
Find & replace paths in a data tree
Shift Paths (PShift)
Shift the indices in all data tree paths
Simplify Tree (Simplify)
Simplify a data tree by removing the overlap shared amongst all branches.
Stream Filter (Filter)
Filters a collection of input streams
Stream Gate (Gate)
Redirects a stream into specific outputs.
Split Tree (Split)
Split a data tree into two parts using path masks.
Trim Tree (Trim)
Reduce the complexity of a tree by merging the outermost branches.
Unflatten Tree (Unflatten)
Unflatten a data tree by moving items back into branches.

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