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SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Version 1.0.0007. Released on 2022-Mar-08. Provides 66 components. Created by David Rutten. Features 0 video tutorials.


Combine Data (Combine)
Combine non-null items out of several inputs
Dispatch the items in a list into two target lists.
Insert Items (Ins)
Insert a collection of items into a list.
Null Item (Null)
Test a data item for null or invalidity
Item Index (Index)
Retrieve the index of a certain item in a list.
List Item (Item)
Retrieve a specific item from a list.
List Length (Lng)
Measure the length of a list.
Pick'n'Choose (P'n'C)
Pick and choose from a set of input data.
Replace Items (Replace)
Replace certain items in a list.
Shift List (Shift)
Offset all items in a list.
Sift Pattern (Sift)
Sift elements in a list using a repeating index pattern.
Sort List (Sort)
Sort a list of numeric keys.
Split List (Split)
Split a list into separate parts.
Sub List (SubSet)
Extract a subset from a list.
Weave a set of input data using a custom pattern.


Text On Surface (TextSrf)
Create a collection of textual symbols aligned on a surface.
Text Case (Case)
Change the CaSiNg of a piece of text
Concatenate (Concat)
Concatenate some fragments of text
Format some data using placeholders and formatting tags
Text Fragment (Fragment)
Extract a fragment (subset) of some text
Replace Text (Rep)
Replace all occurences of a specific text fragment with another
Sort Text (TSort)
Sort a collection of text fragments
Text Distance (TDist)
Compute the Levenshtein distance between two fragments of text.
Text Join (Join)
Join a collection of text fragments into one
Text Length (Len)
Get the length (character count) of some text
Match Text (TMatch)
Match a text against a pattern
Text Split (Split)
Split some text into fragments using separators
Characters (Chars)
Break text into individual characters
Text Trim (Trim)
Remove whitespace characters from the start and end of some text.


Char Sequence (CharSeq)
Create a sequence of textual characters.
Cull Index (Cull i)
Cull (remove) indexed elements from a list.
Cull Nth (CullN)
Cull (remove) every Nth element in a list.
Cull Pattern (Cull)
Cull (remove) elements in a list using a repeating bit mask.
Duplicate Data (Dup)
Duplicate data a predefined number of times.
Fibonacci (Fib)
Creates a Fibonacci sequence.
Randomly shuffles a list of values.
Generate a list of pseudo random numbers.
Random Reduce (Reduce)
Randomly remove N items from a list
Create a range of numbers.
Repeat Data (Repeat)
Repeat a pattern until it reaches a certain length.
Sequence (Seq)
Generate a sequence of numbers
Create a series of numbers.
Stack Data (Stack)
Duplicate individual items in a list of data


Create Set (CSet)
Creates the valid set from a list of items (a valid set only contains distinct elements).
Find similar member (FSim)
Find the most similar member in a set.
Test whether two sets are disjoint.
Test two sets for inclusion.
Key/Value Search (KeySearch)
Extract an item from a collection using a key-value match
Delete Consecutive (DCon)
Delete consecutive similar members in a set.
Replace Members (Replace)
Replace members in a set.
Carthesian Product (CProd)
Create the Carthesian product for two sets of identical cardinality.
Set Difference (Difference)
Create the difference of two sets (the collection of objects present in A but not in B).
Set Intersection (Intersection)
Creates the intersection of two sets (the collection of unique objects present in both sets).
Member Index (MIndex)
Find the occurences of a specific member in a set.
Set Difference (S) (ExDiff)
Create the symmetric difference of two sets (the collection of objects present in A or B but not both).
Set Majority (Majority)
Determine majority member presence amongst three sets.
Set Union (SUnion)
Creates the union of two sets (the collection of unique objects present in either set).


Construct Path (Path)
Construct a data tree branch path.
Deconstruct Path (DPath)
Deconstruct a data tree path into individual integers.
Flatten and combine a collection of data streams
Merge a bunch of data streams
Relative Item (RelItem)
Retrieve a relative item combo from a data tree
Relative Items (RelItem2)
Retrieve a relative item combo from two data trees
Tree Branch (Branch)
Retrieve a specific branch from a data tree.
Tree Item (Item)
Retrieve a specific item from a data tree.
Tree Statistics (TStat)
Get some statistics regarding a data tree.

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