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ADDON. Version 1.1. Released on 2019-Aug-15. Provides 5 components. Created by Bouwenmet Staal. Features 0 video tutorials.
KarambaIDEA is an open-source Grasshopper plug-in that links Karamba3D with IDEA Statica connection. One of the joints from the modeled steel structure in Karamba3D can be imported into IDEA Statica Connection for further analysis, on a detail level.


Lines From Node Names (LinesFromNodeNames)
Create lines from PointNames
Joint Exporter (JE)
Exporting selected joint to IDEA Statica Connection
Joint Vector (Id)
Define normal vector of the joint
Joint Viewer (JV)
Get insight in how joints are created from a list of lines
Convert Excel Loads (CEL)
Convert loads from Excel into dataTree format

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