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ADDON. Version 1.0.7. Released on 2022-Dec-23. Provides 23 components. Created by Ioannis Mirtsopoulos. Features 0 video tutorials.
Libra is a Grasshopper plug-in which implements a topology grammar for generating structural topologies. Starting from an incomplete network, namely (a) the geometric boundaries that a network grows into and (b) the applied external forces, Libra operates an incremental transformative process that allows the transition to a complete network. In other words, the incremental elimination of interim forces in the network. At every intermediate step the network is in static equilibrium (interim when interim forces are still present, or global when no interim forces exist).


Construct Model (ConstructModel)
Construct an interim model with domain (geometric boundaries)
Model Export to Illustrator (ModelExport)
Model export to Adobe Illustrator
Model Geometry (ModelGeometry)
Extract the model geometry
Model History (ModelHistory)
Extract transformation history
Model Metrics (text) (ModelMetrics)
The model metrics as text
Model Metrics (spider graph) (ModelSpiderGraph)
The model metrics represented as spider graph
Model Undo (UndoModel)
Undo transformations on model
Select Force (SelectForce)
Retrieves a force from the Form Diagram


Apply Transformation Policy (Transform)
Apply transformation policy onto an interim model
Construct Node Placement Rule (NodePRule)
Construct a node placement rule
Construct Transformation Policy (Policy)
Construct a transformation policy
Construct Force Indeterminacies Rule (ForceIRule)
Construct a force indeterminacies rule
Construct Force Selection Rule (ForceSRule)
Construct a force selection rule
Construct Transformation Policy (fast) (PolicyFast)
Construct a fast transformation policy


Construct Force Set (ConstructForceSet)
Select forces and construct a Monomial/Binomial/Trinomial
Deconstruct Force Set (DeconstructForceSet)
Deconstruct force set
Force Set Domains (ForceSetDomains)
Get the domains of a force set
Visualize Force Set (VisualizeForceSet)
Visualize a force set by highlighting its forces


Construct Domain (ConstructDomain)
Construct a domain of any type
Deconstruct Domain (DeconstructDomain)
Deconstruct a domain of any type
Visualize Domain (VisualizeDomain)
Visualize a domain


Design Space Exploration (DSE+IGA)
Equilibrium-based Design Space Exploration (DSE) through policies, rules and interactive genetic algorithms(IGA)
Design Space Exploration Reader (DSEReader)
Design Space Exploration (DSE) Reader component to retrieve every single design candidate that was generated

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