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Model Export to Illustrator

Model export to Adobe Illustrator


Bake?bakeBake the geometry of the selected viewportBoolean
ModelMThe model to exportGeneric Data
Mirror planemirror planeThe plane to mirror the structure; The mirrored structure is not displayed but baked and exported directly to IllustratorPlane
Circle radiusnodal radiusThe circle radius that represents nodesNumber
Forces scaleforces scaleThe scaling factor for the forcesNumber
Export?exportExport the model as .aiBoolean
File pathfile pathFile path of the exported form diagramText
File namefile nameFile name of the exported form diagramText
Planegraph planeThe spider graph planePlane
Weightsgraph weightThe weight values for the spider graph; To be given as 'gene pool' with 8 inputsNumber
Scalegraph scaleScale the spider graphNumber
Heighttext heightHeight; spider graph legendNumber
Vertical Distancevertical distanceThe vertical distance between the titles and the valuesNumber
Radial Distanceradial distanceThe radial distance between the graph and the titlesNumber
Additional domainDAn additional domain to exportGeneric Data
Hatch scalehtc scaleThe hatch scaleNumber
Hatch rotationhtc rotationThe hatch rotation in radiansNumber

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