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ADDON. Version 3.0. Released on 2018-12-11. Provides 13 components. Created by Gerry D'anza. Features 9 video tutorials.
Grasshopper extension updated with new solver for cable nets. It has in built professional form-finding solvers for any category of tensile and cable net structures. The plugin is also fully compatible with our flagship product ixCube 4-10 so any model generated with RM can be baked on the fly to ixCube 4-10 for future structural analysis and patterning.


rm Mesh Face Center (rmMeshFaceCenter)
Outputs a list of centroid points for mesh faces
rm Mesh Edge (rmmeshEdge)
Extract mesh naked edges
rm Join Surface (JoinSurface)
Join surfaces into a Brep
Split Curve (SplitCurve)
Split curves
rm Filter Geometry (Filter)
Filter curves on plane
rm Filter Pipe (PipeFilter)
Filter curves included in pipe


rm Ext Link (ExtendedLink)
A link with attributes
rm Ext Mesh Var (ExtMeshVar)
Mesh with Attributes and variable pre-stress
rm Ext Mesh (ExtMesh)
Mesh with Attributes
rm Ext Point (extPoint)
A point with restraints


rm Relax Multi (RmRelaxMulti)
Relax one or more meshes
FDM Solver (FD)
Force Density Solver
rm Relax Cablenet (RelaxCablenet)
Relax one or more cables

Video Tutorials

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