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ADDON. Version 1.0.0. Released on 2019-Mar-03. Provides 33 components. Created by Scott Overall, SHoP Architects. Features 0 video tutorials.
Sasquatch is a collection of general purpose grasshopper utilities focused on filling in some gaps in grasshopper modeling functionality or improving the speed and efficiency of already existing operations. Many components have been multi-threaded with additional checks built-in to prevent excess calculations that would otherwise slow down grasshopper scripts.


Document Angle Tolerance (DocAngleTol)
Retrieves the active Rhino document's angle tolerance in radians.
Document Tolerance (DocTol)
Retrieves the active Rhino document's absolute tolerance.
Find All Items (FindAll)
Returns the index of all items matching an item being searched for in a list.
Replace Text List (FindReplace)
A list compatible componet for finding and replacing text
Generates a null item or list of null items
Print To PDF (PrintPDF)
Prints a viewport to PDF. Work In Progress.
Record Data (Record)
Records Data
Remove First Item (ReFirst)
Removes the first items from a list
Remove Last Item (ReLast)
Removes the last items from a list
Text Regex Split (RegexSplit)
Split text with a text pattern.
Document Units (DocUnit)
Retrieves the active Rhino document's model units
Group Document Objects (GroupObjs)
Groups lists of geometry within the document if the geometry is referenced geometry.
Rename Block (RenameBlk)
Renames blocks inside the active document.
Select In Document (Select)
Selects objects in Rhino Document if they are referenced objects.
View Capture (ViewCap)
Capture viewport to file


Bisect Curve Corners (Bisect)
Bisects all corners of a curve at its vertices
Connect Curve Ends (ConnectEnds)
Connects the start points and end points of a pair of curves with a straight line, creating a closed curve.
Flip Curve Clockwise (Clockwise)
Flips curves clockwise or counterclockwise relative to a base plane
2D Convex Hull From Planes (2DConvexHullPl)
2D convex hull bounded by planes
Curve Is Planar Tolerance (IsPlanar)
Surface planarity check with a user-controlable tolerance.
Trim Curve with Many Planes (TrimCrvPlMany)
Trims a curve using a set of planes
Trim Curve with Plane (TrimCrvPl)
Trims a curve using a planes


Brep is Solid (IsSolid)
Checks if brep is a closed solid
Brep is Surface (IsSrf)
Checks to see if a brep is a surface and if it is trimmed
Closest Brep (ClosestB)
Find the closest Brep to a Point
Shrink Trimmed Faces (ShrinkFaces)
Shrinks underlying surfaces of each face of a brep or surface as much as possible to match the size of the face's trim.
Surface Border (Border)
Gets the exterior border and all interior borders of a trimmed or untrimmed surface.
Surface Is Planar Tolerance (IsPlanar)
Surface planarity check with a user-controlable tolerance.


Fast Mesh-Ray Intersect (FastMeshRay)
Multi-threaded mesh-ray intersection with bounding box check
Sort Points Polar (SortPtPolar)
Sort points by polar angle relative to a plane.
Co-Planar (CoPln)
Checks if two planes are co-planar.
Are Planes Parallel (Parallel)
Checks if two planes are parallel
Are Vectors Parallel (Parallel)
Checks if two vectors are parallel

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