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Construct a minimal surface based on 2 boundry curves as mesh


C0 CurveC0The First CurveCurve
C1 CurveC1The Second CurveCurve
U CountUSample Density for U points. The higher the value the the more preciseInteger
V CountVSample Density for V points. The higher the value the the more preciseInteger
ItterationIThe solver itteration will refine the solution. leave blank or set to 0 to auto computeInteger
U0 CurveU0The First U CurveCurve
U1 CurveU1The Second U CurveCurve
V0 CurveV0The first V CurveCurve
V1 CurveV1The Second V CurveCurve


UV point GridPThe UV points that define the surfacePoint
Resulting SurfaceSThe Minimal SurfaceMesh
Resulting MeshMThe Minimal Surface as meshMesh

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