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Decompose a plankton mesh into its topology information


PMeshPMeshThe input PlanktonMesh to decomposeAny


Vertex_PointsVVertex point positionsPoint
Vertex_Outgoing_HalfedgeV_HeOne of the outgoing halfedges for each vertexInteger
Halfedge_StartVertexHe_VThe starting vertex of each halfedgeInteger
Halfedge_AdjacentFaceHe_FThe face bordered by each halfedge (or -1 if it is adjacent to a boundary)Integer
Halfedge_NextHalfedgeHe_NxtThe next halfedge around the same faceInteger
Halfedge_PrevHalfedgeHe_PrvThe previous halfedge around the same faceInteger
Halfedge_PairHe_PThe halfedge joining the same 2 vertices in the opposite directionInteger
Face_HalfedgeF_HeThe first halfedge of each faceInteger

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