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ADDON. Version 1.0.5. Released on 2021-Apr-22. Provides 21 components. Created by Frédéric Becquelin. Features 0 video tutorials.
Fuzzy logic components for Grasshopper
1. Terms
2. Variables
3. Methods
4. System
5. Run

1. Terms

Bell Term (BellTerm)
Bell-shaped Term.
Crisp Term (CrispTerm)
Crisp term.
Gaussian Term (GaussianTerm)
Gaussian distibution term.
Left Edge Term (LeftEdgeTerm)
Left edge term.
Piecewise Term (PiecewiseTerm)
Piecewise term.
Right Edge Term (RightEdgeTerm)
Right edge term.
Trapezoidal Term (TrapezoidalTerm)
Trapezoidal term.
Triangular Term (TriangularTerm)
Triangular term.

4. System

Fuzzy Inference System (FuzzySystem)
Fuzzy inference system.
Parse AFL (AFL)
Read an Angora Fuzzy Language file.
To Rule List (ToRuleList)
Converts an AFL rule block to a list of rules.
Update Rule Weight (UpdateRuleWeight)
Modify rule weight.
Update Rule Weights (UpdateRuleWeights)
Modify rule weights.

5. Run

Accumulate Rules (Accumulate)
Accumulate all the rules for an output variable.
Defuzzify a linguistic variable
Fuzzify an output linguistic variable.

3. Methods

Custom Binary Operator (CustomBinaryOp)
Custom binary operator for union and intersections.
Custom Unary Operator (UnaryOp)
Custom unary operator for complement and modifiers.
Fuzzy Methods (Methods)
Fuzzy methods configuration.

2. Variables

Fuzzy Input Variable (InputVar)
Fuzzy Input Variable.
Fuzzy Output Variable (OutputVar)
Fuzzy Output Variable.

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