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Fuzzy methods configuration.


ComplementOperatorComplementOpComplement operator (StdNeg, CosineNeg, Sugeno:lambda, Yager:mu).UnaryOperator
UnionOperatorUnionOpUnion operator (Max, ArithmeticSum, LukasiewiczSum or ModSum).BinaryOperator
IntersectionOperatorIntersectionOpIntersection operator (Min, ArithmeticProd, LukasiewiczProduct or ModSProduct).BinaryOperator
AccumulatorAccumulatorRule Accumulator (Maximum, Average, Minimum).Text
SamplingSamplingSampling for set modifiers.Integer
ModifiersModsList of custom unary operators for linguistic hedges.UnaryOperator
SetModifiersSetModsList of custom unary set operators for linguistic hedges that act on the whole set.Generic Data



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