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ADDON. Version 2.2.5. Released on 2022-Feb-22. Provides 87 components. Created by Co-de-iT (Computational Design Italy). Features 0 video tutorials.
froGH is a sparse collection of components born out of necessity or play in our daily Grasshopper experience.
File I-O


Extract Mesh Edges (f_MEdges)
Extract Mesh Edges as Lines
Extract Mesh Faces (f_MFaces)
Extract Mesh Faces (by index) as Mesh
Mesh Connectivity - Edge Proximity Map (f_MC-EPM)
Mesh edge-centered Topological connectivity map
Mesh Connectivity - Edge Proximity Single (f_MC-EPS)
Mesh Topological connectivity for a single edge
Mesh Connectivity - Face Proximity Map (f_MC-FPM)
Mesh face-centered Topological connectivity map
Mesh Connectivity - Face Proximity Single (f_MC-FPS)
Mesh Topological connectivity for a single face
Mesh Connectivity - Vertex Proximity Map (f_MC-VPM)
Mesh vertex-centered Topological connectivity map
Mesh Connectivity - Vertex Proximity Single (f_MC-VPS)
Mesh Topological connectivity for a single vertex
Mesh Closest Vertex Index (f_MCVi)
Closest vertex index in a mesh (absolute and face-relative) for a given list of points
Mesh De-Noising (f_MDN)
Reduces noise in a mesh (i.e. from scanned pointclouds or messy ones)
algorithm by Paul Bourke - 1997 -
Meshes Extract Edges with tolerance angle (f_MmEEA)
Extract Mesh edges with specific angle tolerance.
Optimized for many meshes
Mesh Extract Edges with tolerance angle (f_MsEEA)
Extract Mesh edges with specific angle tolerance.
Optimized for a single mesh
Mesh Faces To Vertices Values (f_MF2VVal)
Converts per-face into per-vertex values
Mesh Isocurves (f_MIso)
Generates isocurves on colored quad meshes
Mesh Point Orientation (f_MPOrient)
Tells on which side of an orientable mesh a given point is
in case of a closed mesh, True corresponds to the point
being inside of the mesh
Mesh Pseudo-Curvature (f_MPC)
A quick and dirty method to evaluate something like curvature on triangulate meshes
This one seems to have a penchant for peaks and valleys
Mesh Rebuild Normals (f_MReNorm)
Rebuilds Mesh Normals
Mesh Report (f_MRep)
Generates a report on a Mesh geometry.
Previews naked edges
Mesh Subdivide Quad Faces (f_SubMQF)
Subdivides a Quad Mesh Face in a custom UV number of sub-faces
Mesh To C# Snippet (f_M2CS)
Generates C# code for a given Mesh
Mesh Unlooper (f_MUnl)
Opens closed Mesh loop strips
Mesh Vertices To Faces Values (f_MV2FVal)
Converts per-vertex into per-face values
Reduce Mesh (f_RedMesh)
Reduce Mesh polygon count


Adaptive Fillet (f_AdFlt)
Fillets a polyline proportionally to the segment length and angle
Clusterize Points By Distance (f_PtsCBD)
Clusterize a list of points by distance
Divide Curve By Tangent Angle (f_DivTanAng)
Adaptively Divides a Curve By Tangent Angle threshold
Flapper (f_Flap)
builds flaps on a planar mesh naked edges
Suggested use with mesh strips
Automatic compensation for overlaps
Frenet Serret Frame (f_FSFrame)
Solves the Frenet-Serret Frame (Tangent, Normal and Binormal) for a Polyline
Is Polyline Clockwise (f_PlCW)
Determines if a Polyline direction is clockwise in its plane
L Polyline From Plane (f_LPP)
Generates an L shaped polyline (X-O-Y order) from a Plane
Plane From L Polyline (f_PLP)
Generates a plane from an L shaped polyline (X-O-Y order)
Points In Sphere (f_PtsSph)
Detects Points within a Sphere of given center and radius
Use this in case of dynamic sets to search
For fixed sets, use the RTree version
Points In Sphere (RTree) (f_PtsSphRT)
Detects Points within a Sphere of given center and radius in a given RTree
Use this for fixed search sets
For dynamic search sets use the other Points In Sphere
RTree Closest Point (f_RTreeCP)
Returns the Closest Point to a given RTree
Signed Vector Angle (f_SVAng)
Computes angle between vectors with direction-dependent sign
clockwise is -, counter-clockwise is +
Smallest Enclosing Circle (f_SEC)
Finds the Smallest Enclosing Circle for the given points in the given plane
original code Copyright (c) 2020 Project Nayuki
Sort Points By Angle (f_PtsByAng)
Sorts a list of points by angle from their average point
Surface QuadTree By Curvature (f_SQTreeK)
Subdivides iteratively a surface based on local curvature
Surface QuadTree By Curve (f_SQTreeC)
Subdivides iteratively a surface based on a set of curves
Text To Geometry (f_T2Geom)
Converts text into geometry (Polylines, Curves or Surfaces)
use single-line fonts for best results in fabrication
Trilateration (f_TriLat)
Finds intersection of 3 spheres with algebraic method
(faster than geometric intersection of solids)


Bake Attributes Enhanced (f_Bake++)
Bakes objects with attributes (such as color, material, layer, object name, isocurve density)
Option for baking into groups
Centered Domain (f_CDom)
Generates a domain of length L, centered in 0
Create RTree (f_CRTree)
Creates an RTree from Points, PointClouds or Meshes
DataTreeGraph (f_DTG)
Generates a graphics representation of a Data Tree inscribed in an input Circle
Original VB
Deconstruct Block From ID (f_BlDecon)
Deconstructs a Rhino Block from its name
Deconstruct Dot (f_DotDecon)
Deconstructs a Rhino Dot Object
(best used in combination with Deconstruct Block)
Double Shift (f_DShift)
Performs a double shift on a list - with optional wrap
Font List (f_FontL)
Lists System Fonts
Indexes From List (f_iFromL)
Generates a list of 0-based integer indexes from a given list of data
IndexesFromNumber (f_iFromN)
Generates a list of 0-based integer indexes from a given amount
Mass Boolean (f_MassBool)
Mass boolean operator on a list of values
ObjectLayer (f_OLay)
Gets the Layer of a Rhino referenced object
Serial Branch Path (f_SBPath)
Retrieves the data tree path and data for a specific branch serial index
Symmetric Domain (f_SDom)
Generates a (-X, X) domain
Toggle Autostop (f_TAS)
Stops a Toggle (reverting its status from True to False) when a condition is met
Weighted Random Choice (f_WRC)
Generates weighted random sequences from a given list of values and weights


Camera Control (f_CamCon)
Controls Rhino camera from Grasshopper
Camera Report (f_CamRep)
Gets information about Rhino active camera
Custom Material (f_MatC)
Create Custom Render Materials
Custom Mesh Wires Display (f_CMWD)
Render-compatible custom Mesh wires display
Named Views To Cinema 4D (f_NV2C4D)
Translates Named Views Data for Cinema 4D
Orient To Camera (f_O2Cam)
Creates a Camera-aligned Plane centered on a given point
PointCloud Display (f_PCD)
Render-compatible Point Cloud display
Slider Value display (f_SlVDisp)
Display Slider values on screen
Turntable (f_TT)
Simulates a turntable animation around selected objects
View Capture To File (f_VC2F)
Saves a bitmap of the selected Rhino viewport - with options
Make sure this object is on top of all other objects
(i.e.executes last)
Zoom To Object (f_ZToObj)
Zoom Rhino camera to frame selected object(s)
Custom Mesh Vertices Display (f_CMVD)
Render-compatible custom Mesh vertices display
Weighted Spheres Cloud Display (f_WSCD)
Render-compatible Weighted Sphere Cloud displaySuitable for volumetric scalar field display

File I-O

COM Port Writer (f_COMpW)
Sends data to a COM port
Directory Reader (f_DirRead)
Returns the list of Files and subdirectories in a Directory
Double click the component to update
Export Curves to AI (f_AIexp)
Export curves to Adobe Illustrator format, retaining layers
GH File Path Info (f_GHFilePath)
Provides info on current Grasshopper Document file name and path
Useful for exporting files with the same name as the gh file and in the same directory
Load STL Binary File (f_STLBinLoad)
Loads a Binary STL Mesh file
Path Generator (f_PathG)
Generates a path based on local directories such as Desktop, Documents, GH file path
Read File From URL (f_URLr)
Reads a file from a URL
Save GH File (f_GHSave)
Saves a copy of the current GH file
If no custom name and/or directory are supplied,
the ones of the current document are used
Save String To File (f_Str2File)
Saves a text sequence to a file


Fast Mesh From Polyline (f_FMesh)
Creates a fast mesh from a closed polyline
Mesh Bridge (f_MBridge)
Builds a Mesh Bridge between lists of points
Mesh Offset Weighted (f_MeshOffsetTheProperWayWhyIsThisNotTheNorm)
Offsets a Mesh using weighted normals
Polylines Mesh Loft (f_PMLoft)
Lofts polylines with the same number of vertices into a mesh
Space-Filling Polyhedra Generator (f_SPHGen)
Creates a space filling Polyhedron


Clusterizer (f_Clstr)
Groups topology data into clusters of indexes
Topologizer (f_TLN)
Solves line network topology
Topology Inverter (f_TInv)
Invert topology tree indexes
ex. in a network, from nodes sorted by lines
to lines sorted by node and vice - versa

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