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File I-O

Saves a bitmap of the selected Rhino viewport - with options
Make sure this object is on top of all other objects
(i.e.executes last)


File PathPFile absolute path Path MUST already existText
File NameFFilename and extension - for example screencap.png use # to set the number of digits ex screencap####.png > screencap_0000.png if omitted the default is 3 digitsText
Viewport NameVName of the Rhino Viewport to capture leave empty for current viewText
Image sizeWxHImage size in pixels, WxH (ex. 1920x1080) leave empty for viewport resolutionText
ScaleSImage size multiplier ex. 1920x1080 * 1.2 = 2304x1296Number
GridgShow GridBoolean
AxesAShow AxesBoolean
WidgetWShow XYZ WidgetBoolean
CaptureCActivate CaptureBoolean
TriggertAttach any value - if Capture is True, the value change will trigger a view captureGeneric Data

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