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ADDON. Version 1.1. Released on 2019-Aug-17. Provides 8 components. Created by uwen. Features 0 video tutorials.
Gear is a simple way to generate involute gear for Grasshopper user.


BevelGear (BevelG)
Build Bevel Gear from Pitch Circles
HelicalGear (HelicalG)
Build helical gear from profile
HelicalRack (HelicalR)
Build helical rack from Line with Circle or Module
Build 2D rack from tangent line with circle or module
Ratchet&Pawl (Ratchet)
Create ratchet and inside pawl
SpurGear (spurG)
Spur Gear from Circles


Angle2Pitch (AnglePitch)
Make Pitch Circles from base Circle with angle and Radius
Axe2Pitch (AxePitch)
Make Pitch Circles from 3 Points base Polyline

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