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ADDON. Version 1.6. Released on 2019-Nov-26. Provides 50 components. Created by ShapeDiver GmbH. Features 2 video tutorials.
Tune your Grasshopper definition for ShapeDiver
Drawing palette

Drawing palette

Fill Solid (FillS)
Create a solid fill
Fill Linear (FillL)
Create a linear gradient fill
Fill Path (FillP)
Create a gradient fill based on a curve
Fill Radial (FillR)
Create a radial gradient fill
Fill Texture (FillT)
Create a texture fill
Create font
Create an outline
Outline Ex (OutlineEx)
Create a complex outline
Define paragraph formatting


Alters the alpha channel of the underlying image.White=opaque, black=transparent.
Fill the picture using one color
Draw any type of curve using fill and/or outline
Draw Ex (DrawEx)
Draw complex shapes using fill and/or outline
Draw an image
Create a Save File instruction (only for local use)
Draw text


Export Shape Ways (SDExportShapeWays)
Use this component to define an export to your ShapeWays account
Shape Ways Categories (SDShapeWaysCategories)
Use this component to retrieve available categories from ShapeWays.
Shape Ways Credentials Ext (SDShapeWaysCredentialsExt)
Use this component to define OAuth2 access credentials for your ShapeWays account,
as well as a timeout for ShapeWays API requests
Shape Ways Materials (SDShapeWaysMaterials)
Use this component to retrieve available materials from ShapeWays.
Shape Ways Price (SDShapeWaysPrice)
Use this component to retrieve estimated prices from ShapeWays.
Shape Ways Printers (SDShapeWaysPrinters)
Use this component to retrieve available printers from ShapeWays.


Divide Curve (Divide)
Use this component as an alternative to the default Draw and DrawEx curve division.
Font List (FontList)
Lists all installed fonts
Quick Preview (QPreview)
Quick bitmap preview
Read a bitmap from file (only for local use).
Screen Map (Map)
Maps the points to an active viewport coordinates.Update by double clicking OR boolean input change OR the timer.
Text Curves (TextC)
Text to curves.


Data Output (SDDataOutput)
Define a data output to be accessed from ShapeDiver's viewer API
Export Download (SDExportDownload)
Use this component to define an export which can be downloaded from ShapeDiver's viewer
Export Email (SDExportEmail)
Use this component to define an export to be sent by email
Properties Export (SDPropertiesExport)
Use this component to define properties of objects to export (name, layer, object color, plot color, plot weight).
Set Properties (SDSetProperties)
Sets properties of an object, e.g. for defining layer and color of objects to export.


​​​​​​Shape Diver Display External Geometry (SDDisplayExternalGeometry)
Display externally defined geometry in ShapeDiver's viewer
​​​​​​​Shape Diver Display Geometry (SDDisplayGeometry)
Display geometry in ShapeDiver's viewer.
Change the nickname of this component to create a named output, which can be used in ShapeDiver's viewer API.
​​​​​​​​Shape Diver Material (SDMaterial)
Define material properties for displaying geometry in the ShapeDiver viewer
​​​​​​​​​Shape Diver Simple Material (SDSimpleMaterial)
Choose from predefined material properties for displaying geometry in the ShapeDiver viewer.


JSONAccess (SDJSONAccess)
Allows access to individual properties of an object output by a ShapeDiverJSONParse component.
JSONConstruct (SDJSONConstruct)
Construct a JSON object which can be fed into a ShapeDiverDataOutputComponent.
JSONConvert (SDJSONConvert)
Convenience component for converting parsed JSON objects to common Grasshopper data types. As an example, arrays of 2 or 3 numbers are converted to points.
Parses a JSON string into a custom object whose members can be accessed using ShapeDiverJSONAccess components.


Brep Or Mesh Split (SDBrepSplit)
Splits breps or meshes into groups of faces for texturing. Faces will be grouped by their normal vector. In case of meshes, texture coordinates will be defined as well.
Extract Mesh UVs (SDExtractMeshUVs)
Extract the UV coordinates of the mesh vertices, if they exist.
Texture Transform (SDTextureTransform)
Transform texture coordinates of meshes. Can also be used to randomly shift texture coordinates.


Geometry Input (SDGeometryInput)
Defines a geometry file input for ShapeDiver's viewer, double click to change settings.
Textfile Input (SDTextfileInput)
Define a text file input for ShapeDiver's viewer, double click to change settings.
Text Input (SDTextInput)
Defines a text input field for ShapeDiver's viewer, double click to change settings.


Flip Order (Flip)
Draw fill over outline
Overwrite (Over)
Overwrites color


Draws the picture

Video Tutorials

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