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Use this component to define an export to your ShapeWays account.
By using this component you confirm that (1) you have the rights to, or authorization to use the model, and (2) you accept the terms and conditions of ShapeWays.
Supply your model to this component in millimeter.
Your model will be made available for sale, kept private, and not downloadable.
The nickname of this component will be shown in the export button of the viewer, please change it according to your liking.


GeometryGThe closed mesh to be exportedGeneric Data
FormatFThe export file format: geometry format (3dm|stl|dxf|dwg|step|obj), text format (txt|csv|g|gcode|xml|json|ifc) or image format (jpeg|png|bmp|gif|tiff).Text
NameNThe filename which should be usedText
DescriptionDThe description to set for your model on ShapeWays.Text
MaterialsMThe material ids to allow for your model. The first material in this list will be the default.Integer
Price$The prices to set for your model per material.Number
PriceOrMarkupPMTrue (default) for price, false for markup.Boolean
TagsTThe tags to set for your model.Text
CategoriesCThe category ids to set for your model.Integer
ShapeWays credentialsCRConnect the output of a ShapeDiverShapeWaysCredentials component.Generic Data

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