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Drawing palette

Define material properties for displaying geometry in the ShapeDiver viewer.
Please make sure to use publicly accessible URLs for your texture images. Once images have been accessed for the first time after uploading of your model, they will be cached and the URLs will not be accessed anymore, and can thus safely be deactivated.


ColorCMaterial colorColour
TextureTURL of color texture map, or ShapeDiverBitmap object. The object's color is also affected by the parameter Color (white has no effect).Generic Data
MetalnessMDefines how much the material appears like metal. Accepts values from 0 (no metal) to 1 (metal). An URL for a metalness map can be supplied alternatively.Generic Data
RoughnessRDefines how rough the material appears. Accepts values from 0 (smooth) to 1 (rough). An URL for a roughness map can be supplied alternatively.Generic Data
Bump mapBURL of greyscale bump map, defines the depth that is perceived in relation to the light.Generic Data
Normal mapNURL of color normal map. RGB values of this map affect the surface normals of pixel fragments. Superior to bump map. The bump map will be discarded if a normal map is defined.Generic Data
OpacityOIndicates how transparent a material is. Accepts values from 0 (fully transparent) to 1 (fully opaque). An URL for a alpha map can be supplied alternatively. The alpha map is a greyscale texture that controls the opacity across the surface (black: fully transparent; white: fully opaque).Generic Data
Flat shadingFActivate flat shadingBoolean


MaterialMShapeDiverMaterial, connect this to a ShapeDiverDisplayGeometry or ShapeDiverDisplayExternalGeometry component.Generic Data

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