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ADDON. Version 1.0.0. Released on 2020-May-05. Provides 9 components. Created by Antonello Di Nunzio. Features 0 video tutorials.
ShrimpGIS is a basic plugin that can help architects, urbanists, researcher to export easily GH surfaces, points and meshes and import GIS polygons, points and polylines. Its features include: Transformation of points, surface/breps, curves, meshes into ESRI shapefile entities. Discretization for curves and surface/breps. Transformation of ESRI shapefile entities into points, surface/breps, curves. Extraction of fields.
0 || Settings
1 || IO

0 || Settings

Polygon (shrimp_polygon)
Construct a ShrimpGIS Polygon.
Field (shrimp_field)
Construct a ShrimpGIS Field.
Try to export data from other plugin, such as Ladybug and Gismo!
Curve (shrimp_curve)
Construct a ShrimpGIS Curve.
Point (shrimp_point)
Construct a ShrimpGIS Point.
Location (shrimp_location)
Construct a ShrimpGIS Location.
Mesh (shrimp_mesh)
Construct a ShrimpGIS Mesh.
If you connect complex meshes exportation will look not really perfect.

1 || IO

Read Shp (shrimp_read_shp)
Use this component to read shapefiles
Decompose Field (shrimp_dec_field)
Use this component to decompose ShrimpGIS Field and extract values.
Write Shp (shrimp_write_shp)
It writes ESRI Shapefiles WGS84.

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