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It writes ESRI Shapefiles WGS84.


field_field_ShrimpGIS Fields to add to GIS geometries. - If nothing added to this input, it will be created just one column called UUID.Goo
shp_geometry_shp_geometryGeometry to write into shapefile. - Connect a type of following - ShrimpGIS point - ShrimpGIS curve - ShrimpGIS polygon - ShrimpGIS meshGoo
folder_folderPath of directory where you want to save a shapefile. For example, "C:\Example".Goo
name_name_Name of shapefile which you want to save on your machine. Default name is .Goo
run_itrun_it_Set it to True to write shapefile.Goo


outread_meMessage for users.String
shp_fileshp_fileComplete path with extension of the shapefile.Goo

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