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Construct a ShrimpGIS Field.
Try to export data from other plugin, such as Ladybug and Gismo!


namename_Name of column. Default value is 'MyField'.Goo
values_valuesRecords (rows) to export to shapefile.Goo
type_type_Type of key to write. Default value is 'C' (character). - 0 = Characters, text. 1 = Numbers, with or without decimals. 2 = Floats (same as "N"). 3 = Logical, for boolean values. Required input 0 or 1. 4 = Dates. Required input format YYYYMMDD. 5 = Memo, has no meaning within a GIS and is part of the xbase spec instead.Goo
lengthlength_Length of key. Default is 40.Goo
decimaldecimal_Number of decimal places found in number key.Goo


outread_meMessage for users.String
fieldfieldColumn with rows to write within shp file.Goo

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