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ADDON. Version 1. Released on 2016-Feb-08. Provides 11 components. Created by Smart Space. Features 19 video tutorials.
SmartForm is a suite of tools that allow you to rapidly model, analyse and optimise complex freeform shapes found in modern architecture.
0 | Rhino to SmartMesh
1 | Smart Modifiers
2 | SmartAnalyse
3 | SmartMesh to Rhino

0 | Rhino to SmartMesh

Lines to SmartMesh (Ln to SMesh)
Converts a list of Rhino Lines into a SmartMesh
Mesh to SmartMesh (Mesh to SMesh)
Converts a Rhino Mesh into a SmartMes
Generate multiple different gridtypes from a surface
Surface to SmartMesh (Srf to SMesh)
Converts a Rhino Surface into a SmartMesh


Represents a multiple colour gradient
Sel (SelObject)
Gets selected object

3 | SmartMesh to Rhino

SmartMesh to Lines (SMesh to Ln)
Converts a SmartMesh into a list of Rhino Lines
SmartMesh to Mesh (SMesh to Mesh)
Converts a SmartMesh into a Rhino Mesh.

1 | Smart Modifiers

SmartClustering (Smart Clustering)
Clusters a set of panels or nodes
Relax a SmartMesh

2 | SmartAnalyse

Smart Analyse tool. Analyse and display various SmartMesh data

Video Tutorials

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