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Custom Parameter creation for Droid


Layer HeightLHLayer Height ResolutionNumber
First Layer HeightFLHFirst Layer Height ResolutionNumber
PrecisionPPrecision of sliced geometry. Default value is 128Integer
NozzleNNozzle diameterNumber
InfillIInfill percentageInteger
Shell NumberSNumber of Outer Shells, in Nozzle thickness multiplesInteger
Brim / SkirtBSFor Brim = True, for Skirt = FalseBoolean
Brim / Skirt distanceBSDNumber of Brims or Distance of Skirt. 0 = noneInteger
TopTNumber of layers as Top CapsInteger
BottomBNumber of layers as Bottom CapsInteger
Print SpeedPSSpeed of Printing in units per/sInteger
Travel SpeedTSSpeed of travelling when not printing in units per/sInteger
RetractionREnable Retraction = trueBoolean
Rectraction DistanceRDRetraction DistanceNumber
Retraction SpeedRSFeedrate of Retraction in units per/sInteger
Filament DiameterFFilament Diameter (Extrusion volume (mm^2) per mm of extrusion)Number
Flow RateFRFlow rate / Extrusion Multiplier percentageNumber


Droid ParametersDPrInput Droid ParametersGeneric Data

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