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Examine flooding levels along a surface from a river source


DatumdThe local mean sea levelNumber
YearYThe year in which to simulate the flooding. Defaults to current.Number
RiseRThe assumed local mean sea level rise per year to evalute in future scenarios. Defaults to 3Number
SurgeSThe local mean height of a typical storm surge. Defaults to 500Number
High NeapHNThe local mean high water neap tideNumber
Low NeapLNThe local mean low water neap tideNumber
High SpringHSThe local mean high water spring tideNumber
Low SpringLSThe local mean low water neap tideNumber


Sea LevelSLThe simulated mean sea levelSurface
Storm Surge LevelSSThe simulated mean storm surge levelSurface
High NeapHNThe simulated mean high water neap levelSurface
Low NeapLNThe simulated mean low water neap levelSurface
High SpringHSThe simulated mean high water spring levelSurface
Low SpringLSThe simulated mean low water spring levelSurface

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