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Flicker API tap by Carson


StringSearchThe photo tag you wish to search forText
StringReturnThe number of returns, 100 is default if, 500 maxText
StringStartDateThe date you wish to search from: yyyy-mm-ddText
StringEndDateThe date you wish to search to: yyyy-mm-ddText
StringLatitudeGeo-Latitude you wish to searchText
StringLongitudeGeo-Longitude you wish to searchText
IntegerRadiusThe Radius - MUST be greater than zero and less than 20 miles (or 32 kilometers)Integer
StringUnitsRadius is in km or miles? it will be km if left open - Input is mi or km Text
BooleanhasGeoMust the photo contain Geo-Data?Boolean
BooleanTagsSearch through photo tags instead of both tags and photo description?Boolean
IntegerPageItterate through pages by specifying them hereInteger
StringUserIDThe users flickr account you would like to searchText


StringUserThe Users Screen NameText
StringTitleThe Title of the imageText
StringDateThe Date the image was takenText
PointGeoPointThe point at which the image was takenPoint
StringInfoThe Date the image was takenText
StringURLURL to the imageText
StringsURLURL to a small image versionText
StringIDsThe images ID, usefull for culling/finding duplicatesText
StringTagsThe Tags associated with this imageText
StringPagesTells you how many pages are availableText
StringDateUpldDate that the file was uploaded (Format in second since EpochText

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