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Evolutionary Learning
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Supervised Learning

Basic Settings for the NEAT Algorithm to evolve an ANN. These will override any changes made to the properties in the All-Settings Component.


PopulationSizePopSPopulation Size in one generationInteger
MaxSpeciesPSpeciesPThe maximum number of different species which will be maintained, as percent of population size.Number
NoveltySearchNovSNoveltySearch - Novel Behaviours will be searched instead of a better objective value. 0:Off 1:Novelty Float 2:Novelty Fixed 3:Novelty HistogramInteger
MultiObjectiveMultiOMulti-Objective Pareto Search - Instead of Speciation, the Pareto Principle will be used. 0:Off 1:Non-Dominated Sorting 2:Hypervolume RankingInteger
SeedSeedRandom Seed Value as the basis for all probabilistic operations.Integer
RecHistHistoryRecord History Mode 0:Disabled 1:Last generation's species champions 2:Last generation 3:Generation's champions + last generation 4:Species champions / pareto fronts + last generation 5:All HistoryInteger
SaveIntervSaveIntervIntermediate Save Interval - Every nth generation, the grasshopper document will be saved with the component holding the last generation of solutions. Set to 0 to deactivate completely. Set to -1 to delete the saved Genomes.Integer
RecordFailedRecFailedRecord Failed Genomes, 0 to deactivate, 1 to record just the ones of the last generation, 2 to record allInteger
Memory %Memory %Memory Percentage which has to be free so the process keeps running, otherwise stopped and results so far given outNumber
ResetResetReset evolution process each time; if false the next run will take the last run's results as seedGenomes - if there are some and they are compatible.Boolean


SettingsSSettings for the evolution of NetworksCPPN evolution parameters

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