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SPM Integration Settings

Settings to configure a SPM vector field integration component


ToleranceTolDistance from field where integration will be in effect. 0 will ignore the field entirelyNumber
Interpolation RadiusIntrpRRadius to use in vector interpolation method. 0 to use closest vector onlyNumber
Winding Stop AngleStopAThe winding angle is used to stop the integration if it winds around the set angle (radians). Used to stop the integration at singularities or orbitsNumber
Line ContinuityLContForce lines to follow a straighter path if one is availableBoolean
Fast IntegrationFastUse a faster and less accurate integration method (Velocity-Verlet) instead of the default (Runge-Kutta)Boolean
Drag FactorDragDrag factor of the integrationNumber
AccelerationAccelIntegration will contain a componenet of acceleration (the vectors will represent forces)Boolean


Settings OutputSSettings output to wire to a SPM vector field integration componentGeneric Data

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